Relax chalet photo - summer

Relax chalet offers

  • challet guarantee 100% privacy, there will be only you and you
  • Just to Relax room, Finnish sauna and quite a big and warm whirpool
  • Garden with children playground, fireplace and space for having outside fun. Children and adults will love as well.
  • Disabled persons accessible floor
  • Parking for max. of 8cars.
  • Outside terrace, partly covered by roof, with charcoal grill and two big tables
  • Club room united with a kitchen within ground floor together with fireplace, hi-fi, small library. A perfect place for enjoying yourself within a group of friends or your family. Wireless Internet connection!
  • Gaming room in basement: table tennis, wide-side TV with satellite, home theater, DVD and X-box, TV and social games…
  • Great restaurant Tibor at just the next door! Outside terrace with a children playground, friendly staff.



Why we should pay energies extra when renting the whole chalet?

Simple reason :-) We want to be FAIR to all our clients. Some are economic and unfortunately some are not. Energies can vary twice in total! We support low energies costs, so can do our clients in Relax chalet and save YOUR MONEY. There is a benefit for our planet as well.

Is there a childrens equipment?

Families are our most common visitors.

You have for your use there:

  • Large space
  • Entertainment room
  • X-box
  • Garden (with playground soon)
  • Cot for small kids
  • Children’s chair
  • Chamber pot
  • Table tennis
  • Games
  • Whirlpool (take better care concerning kids with sensitive skin)

Is there an internet connection?

Yes, you can use our wireless connection. But please, relax more then work on Relax chalet :-)

Is there a TV?

Of course. TV is available in all rooms and there is one wide screen TV in entertainment room. TV is not in main room with fireplace where are people relaxing watching fire instead of...J

What kind of activities we can do around?


Can we cook by ourselves?

Nothing is more easy! Chalet is fully equipped for cooking the most tasty meals. We also recommend using outside terrace with grill.

Can we take our pet with us?

No problem at all! Relax chalet likes pets and you will find there pet dishes as well. Please, take them.

other questions?

If you have not found your question answered, please contact us on